Pormula Juan Renewable Energy Society Inc.

Pormula Juan renewable Energy Society Inc.
September 21, 2014
By: Mr. Roberto More Jr.
In recognition of the inherent dignity of PWDs and marginalized people, we seek to hasten their integration to society thru the following:

Primary Purpose
A). To help equip unemployed Filipinos (particularly PWDs) with knowledge, skills, and competencies for potential employment through the provision of technical vocational education and training in the development of solar photovoltaic equipment, fabrication of electric personal transportation (Pertrans) devices and other helpful tools for people with disability (PWDs). The latter aims to improve the mobility and functional independence of PWDs.
B). To provide livelihood activity for marginalized people and PWDs.

Secondary purpose is to produce affordable and clean energy supply using renewable resources and promote it to every (Juan) one to avail its countless benefits.
1. Setup a model homestead with self sufficient affordable renewable energy sources.
2. Build a decentralised and independent small scale renewable powerplant with a state of the art solar photovoltaic to produce hydrogen using ISO components in the market.
3. Safely store hydrogen and utilize it to power your existing businesses (e.g. H2 original stove for restaurants, heating, cooling, H2 backup generator) and compressed H2 retrofitted Vehicle to transport the excess H2 gas for other profitable applications.

HOW to make them affordable? make them locally.
Advantages of being the first in the country is that Molecular Hydrogen as fuel is one of the best example to boost 2008 Policies under RA 9513 Accelerate the exploration and development of renewable energy resources achieve energy self-reliance to reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels minimize the country’s exposure to price fluctuations adoption of clean energy to mitigate climate change promote socio-economic development in rural areas Increase the utilization of renewable energy by providing fiscal and non-fiscal incentives.
Hydrogen technology has the potential to answer the unending problem of pollution and expensive fuel not only by the transport sector but the whole nation itself. Through building a network of decentralized, residential refueling system, hydrogen storage will be produced. The product package comprising hydrogen generation, compression, storage and dispensing as well as all supporting components, is targeted at privately-owned single residential buildings in suburban areas. While it is possible to retrofit existing homes for hydrogen refueling, the proposed design considers a new-build property in order to fully optimize the efficiency, reliability cost and present availability. We will use single-crystal silicon photovoltaic panels, a proton- exchange membrane electrolyser, reciprocal compressors and gaseous hydrogen storage.
Operating conditions such as pressure and temperature have been carefully regulated for all components of the refueling system. The residential refueling system uses wind, Hydro and photovotaic electricity to drive water electrolysis, hence producing molecular hydrogen from two of nature’s cleanest and most plentiful resources-sunlight and water. This state of the art environmentally benign solution results in CO2 savings of 4.9 tons per annum for every new residential refueling station constructed and tested by Mike Strizki, an american businessman in New Jersey. Nevertheless, the technology comes at a price,with the levelised cost of hydrogen estimated to be $22.2/kgH2. This high cost of hydrogen is a direct consequence of using a commercially viable technology for a small scale application. We therefore use a relatively large electrolyser, with the capacity of producing 4.3 kgH2/day. This is enough not only to refuel the residential vehicle, but also to utilize excess hydrogen to other existing owned businesses that requires energy like Restaurant specifically Cooking, Heating, cooling and haulling vehicle that is retrofitted with Hydrogen Fuel using our novel Smart Hydrogen Autonomous Refueling Exchange (SHARE).
The availability of a model, residential hydrogen stores is communicated to the local traffic through smart phone applications, GPS and vehicle navigation systems which alert drivers to the cheapest local offer. This concept allows private households,which have sufficient stores of hydrogen to compete for customers. Our design not only provides early adopters with residential hydrogen refueling, it helps set the foundations for a successful hydrogen business.
The challenge is to let every (Juan ) one embrace and understand this proposal. With the participation of existing renewable Energy Cooperatives, this campaign can support the pathway towards a lower cost system and ultimately allow hydrogen to fulfill its potential as the sustainable fuel of the future.https://soundcloud.com/search/sounds?q=kundimang%20kupas

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