1 Timothy 4:12 – Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. YAKAPPELA Project

Mag drawing at mag buo ng “BASKET-LETA”

1. To make and use a Self Recharging hybrid ebike.
2. A recumbent bike made from locally grown materials like abaca, scrap metal and rattan.
Winning team will be receiving Php50,000 and use the 1st Philippine BASKET-LETA recumbent bike to journey with PormulaJuan team and explore the 7107 islands starts from Corregidor, Batanes, Mindoro and others.

How to join.
BASKET-LETA Design, Build and Race Contest  is open to Elem. High School, College & PWD community.
1st phase of the game, Design, Draw the Vehicle and submit to PormulaJuan Team at Coconut House Restaurant at Quezon Memorial Circle. look for Robert More or email us at robertmore2@yahoo.com or text 09189296939 / 09154938421  /         https://twitter.com/pormula1JUAN


2nd phase is to build the BASKET-LETA. to be supervised by PERTRANS INC. Meets every Thursday  9am-3pm at The Word People Church  at   18 Mapagbigay st.  st. near  V. Luna Quezon City 1101   usadd-quezon-city-transformational-development-resource-center.

3rd phase is to Race in a Safe and Controlled Island.

Deadline for submission of Drawings August 15, 2017



2. Energy Conservation Awareness in using only Solar and human power. Republic Act No. 9513 – Renewable Energy Act. Accelerate the development of the country’s renewable energy resources.
3. Encourage to use local materials like abacca scrap metal and rattan.
4. Promote tourism by using BASKET-LETA
5. Encourage to build safe bike, trike and pwd lanes and promote sustainable and alternative source of clean transportation.

Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.


(Frequently asked questions)

Why use Abaca, Rattan and Scrap metal sa pag buo ng BASKET-LETA ?

1. Bio-degradable

2. Abundant

3. junk metal recyclable

4. easy to design

5. Avoid using plastic and other harmful materials.

HISTORY about farming and ABACA

 Jose Rizal  In Dapitan he continued his reform work by building a school for young boys, a hospital and a water supply system. He also taught farming and worked on agricultural projects using abaca, a plant used for making rope.

How to travel the Philippines

How to Travel the Philippines in 30 Days!!Follow my adventure on Instagram @noahvde

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Why Schools?


2. Build safe Bicycle lanes for students.

3.  Teach Alternative Renewable Energy sources.

4.  Change mindset and phase out old technology injurious to the environment. 

5.  Open new Edutainment like these.

Buena forma de empezar el día

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Is hydrogen the future of the car?

Is hydrogen the future of the car?


In recognition of the inherent dignity of PWDs and marginalized people, we seek to hasten their integration to society thru the following:

A. making of solar photovoltaic equipment, fabrication of electric personal transportation (Pertrans) devices and other helpful tools for people with disability (PWDs).The latter aims to improve the mobility and functional independence of PWDs.
B. To help equip unemployed Filipinos (particularly PWDs) with knowledge, skills and competencies for potential employment .
C. To provide livelihood activity for marginalized people and (PWDs).

In line with Republic Act 7459, also known as the Investors & Invention Incentives Act, In December 3 2011 at Quezon memorial Circle Organized a competition for students that encourages them to be more creative or design a prototype vehicle (aptly called PERTRANS- Personal Transport System) that can be transformed into a compactable size, can shuttle an individual to the nearest mode of public transportation and has zero emissions. A hypothetical example of this is a small scooter that can be reduced into the size of a folded umbrella. Ultimately, increase environmental awareness and instill the idea that regular citizens, especially the young people, can make a difference in transforming our nation.

* Gas Stove using Hydrogen. Tested for 6 years. Now Still using for House use only.
* Foldable Scooter, Wheelchair

* Electrolizer
* Hydrogen and Gasoline switchable fuel Backup Generator 6hp.

Conduct Workshops regarding Practical Machines on Renewable Energy and Retrofitting Old & Brand new Engines Restoration Machines On Renewable Energy.

Diligently studied and documented Inventions of the famous Daniel Dingle in his Laboratory in 2005. Continues to collaborate with scientists and engineers to pursue his passion for free and renewable energy in the Philippines.

Some experiments uploaded on youtube as early as April 2008:

1. Hydrogen fueled backup generator / 6hp can power 2 aircon and others appliances.

2. 1st attempt hydrogen for scooter

3. Home made Hydrogen torch / can replace Cooking Stove LPG

4. Philippine Hydrogen Economy ( All Pinoy Made ) Produce Jobs and Energy Industry.

5. Clean and Renewable Independent Power Producer. Let us Invest on Renewable Energy now.

6. Earliest Hydrogen Generator 3hp setup April 19 2008 uploaded.


  1. Robert More | Pormula Juan Renewable Energy Society Inc.

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